An Evening Of Debauchery

January 27, 2010

At the risk of sounding hyper-local, i’m going to discuss my overwhelming excitement for the approaching birth of DIRTY MEGA! With an in-your-face title that sounds as if it is the next YouPorn, how could one not be intrigued? Well my friends, it’s sure to be dirty, but nothing pornographic here. The Dirty Mega event is the birth child of some local DJs around Wilmington who specialize in techno, electronic, bass, headthrob, weak knees, and other genres of music that induce numb convulsing on the dance floor. For promos and mixes check out the Dirty Mega site which started off as, what looks like, a blog about the genre. However, what DM has matured into is a rave-like event hosted every last thursday of the month at Odessa, a bar that is surely in need of some attention. This could be, and will be, exactly what it needs. Hell, it’s exactly what Wilmington needs, in terms of the urbanites who get sick of hearing the top 40 in the bars after hearing it all day in their cars. (poet who didn’t know it)

So the question that remains…who is in wilmington? If so, get your ass out tomorrow night for a bass-pounding headache of ecstasy! Advertised as “the biggest showcase of debauchery, mayhem and loud music Wilmington has ever seen”, you know DM is gonna have a good run, even if it is only limited to Wilmywood for now.

See you there futha muckas

yours truly,



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