Covering up the time between albums

January 27, 2010

When Hellogoodbye burst onto the music scene with their first full-length album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! in 2006, they enjoyed decent touring success and a wildly popular single in “Here (In Your Arms)” but were largely written off as another driving synthpop band for the kiddies. Now, after the entire band has been through a revamp (lead singer Forrest Kline is the only remaining original member), Hellogoodbye is working on a new album.

In the meantime they’ve recorded a handful of covers that can be downloaded on their website. There are a couple cool Beatles covers and the Promise Ring cover is especially good, although Kline admits sounding a little weird singing that type of music. There’s also a link to their excellent new single “When We First Met” on the site. Overall, the band seems to be moving in an entirely new direction that’s more back-to-basics indie and mature, but at the same time bubbly and positive. I’m excited to see what they manage to come up with on their full-length.


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