BOOM! There it is. The first line of Bret Easton Ellis’ new novel Imperial Bedrooms, scheduled to hit your local bookstores/trendy-nooks mid June. Bedrooms is the sequel to Ellis’ earlier work Less Than Zero…yes, one of my absolute favorites.

they made a book too

For those living under a rock, Zero was written in the eighties about the eighties, honing in on a group of LA teens playing hard and drinking harder amidst the backdrop of the seedy, dysfunctional LA ‘burbs. Not only has it been called the modern day Catcher in the Rye, but it’s also “the novel your mother warned you about”. With Bedrooms being released now in 2010, the story has assumed the position of pacing along real time, considering the new story follows the same characters as they approach their midlife crisis. Mmm, juicy! The absolute beauty of that first line is that there was in fact a movie made called Less Than Zero, starring the infamous Robert Downey Jr., pre-rehab that is. In terms of a successful adaptation, the movie fails in it’s delivery. In it’s defense, capturing the original impact of sheer disconnection thats prevalent in the novel would be a tough feat for anyone. However, Ellis’ choice to acknowledge the presence of the shitty adapted film and his utilization of it in the fictional world is brilliant! I can only hope the upcoming novel is just as satisfying.

More news to come concerning my boy Bret…i don’t wanna give it all at once ya crazy readers. Now get outside, blast your cheap radios, and cause a ruckus…it’s summaaaaa! For you chill-seekers, check out the jam Swell by Common Market. Its…swell.

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